Saturday, January 9, 2010

The New Year!

FIRST POST OF THE NEW YEAR--Happy 2010! Pheww, I could reflect and mention all the challenges, macabre & craziness 09 had thrown my way, but fuck it, I rather focus on the good & move forward--with a smile on my face & believe me, there was plenty to smile about last year, but here are a few highlights...

Had the pleasure of freelancing for a variety of awesome clients...

Produced my 2nd solo art show with Phone Booth Gallery: Papillae Paradise...

& got a new website up and running,

So many thanks to my family, my amazing girlfriend Jodi ( & friends for their love and unconditional support. I love you all and when times got tough last year, you were always there to help carry my ass through the weeds :)

I can't wait to show you all whats behind the curtain for 2010! I'm super amped!!!! I've had time to focus my energies towards some new & exciting projects, making more than a few resolutions to maximize the ass kicking awesomeness of this year. For starters, I vow to keep this blog, facebook & twitter constantly stocked with fresh pics and updates to the point of annoance (id say im off to a good start); furthermore, I have a brand new art print in the works & dropping very soon!

So keep your eyes open & them ears pricked for all the latest and greatest in my crazy world, I hope everyone has an amazing year!


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