Sunday, April 25, 2010

Precious & Off The Hook III

Because my iphone runs my life and I recently caught Lord of the Rings on TNT, I created "Precious" (top img) for Phone Booth Galleries annual Off the Hook group show. I loved working on this alot because it helped take my mind off all things 9-5 for a couple days. As much as I love what I do for work, its absolutely necessary to make time for my own art, or I'll simply go crazy :) I also exhibited the original piece "King Me" (bottom img) that was used to produce my Army of Darkness tribute print!

I was way excited to learn that "Precious" sold a few days into the exhibition! Thanks again to Phone Booth Gallery for the support and to all the other amazing artists that exhibited for the mad inspiration--It was good times for sure!

The show ends soon so be sure to catch it while you can at & grab up a "King Me" print at before there all gone!



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