Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Design For Humanity!

Man so much has been going on since my last post!

Work had been incredibly busy and the good times continue to roll! I recently got to attend exhibit and artwork at Design For Humanities annual charity party extravaganza!

Sponsered by Billabong, this was an all night romp complete with live bands, fashion shows, grilled cheese trucks, and art galore. This was seriously an epic experience that took place at Paramount studios on their NYC back lot to raise money for the child soldiers, or "invisible children" of Africa that are forced into fighting a long standing war. I was stoked to exhibit a couple pieces that went up for auction to raise money for the charity.

Once Jodi and I checked out the art show we joined the outdoor parties where live sets by Fisherspooner & Kid Sister soundtracked the night. I was continually tripping out as I strolled through the very same streets they filmed Seinfeld on! Even when things ended it was still packed to the gills. A great night for sure with my wonderful lady, awesome friends and co-workers. Many thanks to Billabong, the Carmichael Gallery and the Foundation for Invisible Children for putting together this amazing event.

I'm already looking forward to next years...see more pics :)

For more info on the Foundation for Invisible Children and what you can do to help, click HERE, its well worth the time and generosity to support such a great cause!

More stuff brewing, so stay tuned...R

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