Saturday, October 23, 2010


 I survived (with most of my brain intact)--what an awesome show! My buddy Jasian Liwag ( did a superb job assembling the all the work and hosted it to perfection at Yojie's Japanese Fondue & Sake Bar. I really enjoyed seeing what people had created for this one, the work was really amazing and it was packed to the gills. This was the first time I've ever taken on the Zombie genre,  it was skulls on steroids and I loved it!

For my pieces, I thought up a victorian esq styled portrait of a Zombie gentleman...and because I love challenging/torturing myself with insane expectations within a rapidly dwindling time frame, I decided to paint 3 portraits as a mini series submission. Done in acrylic, "Procter, Gamble & Pryce" was a sweet project to create outside the 9-5 and really helped me reconnect with my personal work.

And speaking of awesome work, my girlfriend Jodi ( created an amazing silhouette of an evil zombie clock that was one of the coolest pieces in the show, not to mention it was all cut out by hand! Jasian also made killer silkscreen prints of the main flyer image, so be sure to pick one up before they are all gone!! In fact, most of the work is available for purchase and will run until Nov. 11th so be sure to stop by Yojies and feed your Zombie fetish. I'm really looking forward to doing more within this genre, cuz Zombies kick ass. Thanks again to Jasian and Yojies letting me be a part of this awesome event and to all my buddies that had some great work on the walls--I had a blast!

Also, later that night I got to check out an amazing exhibiton hosted by Blue Canvas and Scion where Phone Booth Gallery artist and fellow illustrator Yevgenyia Mikhailik had some of her awesome work on display. Be sure to check out her stuff at and the fine folks at Blue




By Scott Flanders said...
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By Scott Flanders said...

That's all great work Ryan. The Bluebird tattoo is a wonderful illustration in its own right.

Ryan Milner said...

Thanks buddy!!!