Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pat & Dan

Super stoked to be a part of Design For Humanity again this year!

I've been quite obsessed with The Black Keys lately ( f*%kin awesome band) and chose to pay tribute to the amazing Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney! The final result was the painting above, "Pat & Dan" was created in acrylic and will be exhibited in the annual DFH chairity art show tmrw night at Paramount Studio's in Hollywood.

Painting this got to be super intense as I was working whenever I had free time, luckily I had more than a couple Black Keys' albums to keep me company as I painted right up to the deadline. Haha, I know I have a habit of saying this (one I'm not about to break :) ), but I really had an awesome time developing and painting this piece. Part of the excitement was the challenge of getting it to where I wanted in its last stages, there were definitley some walls to climb, but I'm very happy with the way things turned out. Special thanks to my amazing girlfriend for keeping me going, esp. on that final homestretch, your the best Jodes :)

Looking forward to tmrw night and feeling mighty privilaged to have a spot in such an amazing lineup of incredible artists! DFH 2011, here we go!!!



In addition to "Pat & Dan" I also had the opportunity to submit one of my fav pieces, "The Best Of", a tribute to the late Micheal Jackson. Looking forward to seeing them both on display for your viewing pleasure--enjoy!

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