Thursday, April 26, 2012


Steve "The-Q" Urkel

ALF "The Anteater" Shumway

Danny "T-Dog" Tanner

Currently part of a new group exhibition "Rock, Paper, Sinners" at Phone Booth Gallery, I'm very proud to present my latest body of work: "The Sitcom Sinners"

This ficticious gang was formed by some of the most beloved and iconic television characters of the early 90's. Fallen from their former lives of sitcom bliss, these harden criminals now wheel, deal and steal with the best of em', replacing that iconic t.v. twinkle with scars, tattoos, and a whole new attitude. Keep an eye out for this growing gang as they carve out their new niche in a town near you!




This show will run through May 8th 2012. Be sure to check out the complete exhibition including the amazing work of my fellow friends and artists Joe King and Jason Edmiston either in person or online at

Hope you enjoy this new series. Looking forward the next step.



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